When looking into hiring an LED screen for a corporate event or concert, people sometimes neglect to consider whether the piece they are hiring is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Differences in sizing, application and lighting can all contribute to an optimum setting, and so when using a cheaper provider clients may be left disappointed at the outcome.

Fortunately, our screens are perfect for indoor use. As of 2015 we have upgraded our equipment to the P3 LED screen which is completely adaptable to both indoor and outdoor settings, maintaining an incredibly high quality display regardless of setting.

From an important corporate event to theatre stage productions, our indoor LED screen is as versatile as it is striking. When you really want to make an impact, something out of the norm is a great way to start, as is something that is aesthetically prominent. The P3 LED video wall screen ticks both of these boxes and offers a whole lot more.


Indoor productions will often require plenty of text on the displays be it for key notes at a business conference or words to accompany a concert or theatre production. The P3 seamlessly moves between words, images and videos, making it perfectly suited for such events. What’s more, we’ll provide you with a highly trained engineer to help you input commands to the computer operated software, ensuring your event goes through without a hitch.


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