How do you make your event an unforgettable occasion? When it comes to hosting a corporate event, wedding, party or private function there are so many different things to consider that it is extremely easy to overlook some of the fundamental aspects that make it a success. The choice of bar is certainly among the leading contenders in this category.

In most events, the bar is the centrepiece of the room, yet is often neglected in the planning process. Whilst a great amount of time is focused on smaller aspects such as table settings, people often forget entirely to choose a bar that suits their event, instead going with the default option. We believe this is a huge error, as the bar is a key area of any event which will be seen and used by most if not all of your guests; it is only fitting that you incorporate a bar that reflects the ambience of you wedding or event. Our LED bars are ideal for just this.

Our LED bars are a unique and eye-catching invention guaranteed to brighten up any room. Using a series of fully customisable, electronically powered panels, our team of professional engineers will ensure that the equipment is set up in a way that maximises the impact of the gorgeous aesthetics emitted from our LED bars. In addition to popular choices such as blue, green and yellow LED bars, it is also possible for our team to individually alter the colour on each panel on a singular basis. This is ideal for anybody with a strict colour scheme in mind or, should you be hosting a corporate event, a wonderful way to integrate the colours of a brand into the very surroundings themselves.


Everybody knows the importance of adequate and relevant lighting at a major event, and there is no better way to complement this than with a matching LED bar. The illuminating effect serves multiple functions, highlighting the bar area to the entire room whilst also helping to create a consistency throughout the venue. Hiring an LED bar really indicates that the host has made extra effort to create a showcase event as it is, as mentioned, often overlooked. The highly versatile nature of the colour schemes also ensures that the equipment can be adapted should there be any late changes required, which gives you more freedom to alter finer details close to the time of your event.


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