LED Poseur tables are the perfect choice for any party or evening event. Using the latest technology available the tables light up in any colour you choose and can be set to flash, hold colour or slowly rotate through the vivid colour scheme. There are no wires or unsightly cables as the illuminated tables are powered by a hidden re-chargeable battery and all controls are operated via a remote control.

Size: 4 feet Tall and 2 feet in Diameter
Power: None required
Use: Indoor Only
Control: Wireless Remote Control

The LED Mood Cube, LED Curved Seat, and LED Tripod Seat can all be contolled via the same infra red remote control simutaneously :
• Size: 40cm x 40cm x 40cm
• White polythylene outer with LED inner
• Colour morphing
• Control brightness and colour morph speed
• 7 key Colours
• Charges in as little as 60 minutes
• Can be used on mains power as well as without mains
• Multi function remote control included
• IP65 rated


Dancing on Stars utilize the latest in Fashion, Design and Technology – combined to create the perfect mood for your event and venue – from subtle and romantic to bright and glamourous. Whatever your event theme, there’s a host of hot to cool hues to enjoy. From colour changes and patterns, to variable speeds and eye-catching effects, the choice is yours!


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