LED Video Wall Hire

Led DanceFloors Hire London, UK specializing in the hire and sale of LED Video Walls across the London, UK..!! With a huge stock of dazzling LED Video Wall in various colors and sizes you can be sure to find the perfect LED Video Wall for your corporate events..!!

Creating memorable events with maximum visual impact mesmerize your audience with a spectacular, multidimensional video presentation wall. The sheer size and visual impact LED walls make, ensure a truly extraordinary visual and audio experience, leaving a lasting impression for guests. Dancing on Stars extensive range of LED Screen solutions includes walls for both indoor and outdoor spaces, covering exhibitions and conferences to sporting and product launches and activations. Maximize visual impact with our a range of configurations of LED Walls, available in various pixel pitches for any bright environment. Whatever messaging your trying to convey is simple with an LED wall. Get in touch, Call us on 07860 234549.


We’ll provide you with a trained LED Video Wall Engineer to help guide you through the setup, making sure that you use all of the features without having to sit through an arduous training course.


1. High resolution with visual impact, vibrant colors and sharp images without after glow
2. Display images, videos, texts, messages etc
3. Wide viewing angle with optimum contrast and excellent visibility
4. Seamless Tiled screen displays
5. Computer controlled with software
6. Adjustable brightness
7. High Precision
8. Good Heat Dissipation
9. High Refresh Rate (3000Hz+)
10. Uniform brightness across the whole LED display board with high contrast level and absolutely flicker free display


LED Video Wall Hire London, UK
LED Video Wall Hire London, UK
LED Video Wall Hire London
LED Video Wall Hire UK
LED Video Walls Hire London, UK
LED Video Wall Rental London, UK

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