When it comes to hosting outdoor events there are a multitude of things to consider, with weather a factor and physical arrangements often posing a challenge. If you haven’t considered using an outdoor LED video wall, perhaps it’s time to do so.

Aside from the fact that it is a visually stunning unit guaranteed to turn heads, LED screens actually act as a key indicator of where the action is taking place at outdoor events. If you’ve ever tried to gather people together at an outdoor event you’ll already be aware of what an unexpected task this can prove to be. When an LED screen is erected people naturally flock towards it, acting as a signpost of sorts to let everybody know where they should be standing and looking.

However, one consistent problem when thinking about LED screens for outdoor hire is the potential problems regarding lighting and weather. Fortunately, these factors aren’t a worry when hiring with Dancing on Stars. Not only do our screens come equipped with a protective covering that shields the screen from rain without hindering the image, but the adjustable brightness that can be altered via computer. This means that even a last minute change of weather won’t ruin your projections.


In terms of technology, we only utilise the best in the business. From 2015 we are offering clients access to the P3 LED screen, a cutting edge piece of equipment capable of high resolution images and videos with a refresh rate of over 3000Hz for flicker-free displays.


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