Sometimes an LED video wall is a welcome addition to spice up an event, and sometimes it is an absolute necessity. If you’re planning a theatre production, club night or even a gameshow, there is a good chance your requirement will fall under the latter.

When the nature of your event is all about entertainment, there is simply no alternative to an LED video wall. From the more obscure backdrops of theatre productions to the absolutely integral accompanying images for gameshows, LED screens complete productions like nothing else can.

Because LED displays are often much more than a convenient sidepiece and are actually very critical to the overall reception and understanding of the production, it is essential that the equipment used is up to the task. From 2015 we are offering our clients use of the P3 LED screen system which is capable of a refresh rate of over 3000Hz, making sure everything is sharp and quickly relayed with no stuttering. The high resolution produces vibrant colours and crisp imagery epitomising the very high level of quality the P3 is capable of.


Because these types of productions are often very specific in their needs we provide a trained video engineer who can adapt the system settings to project whatever you desire onto the screen, from inserting texts, imagery and videos to adjusting the brightness and demonstrating what the computer controlled software is capable of.


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